Day 5

Today was awesome. Don’t have the words to describe it.

We woke up early today at 5:30 and than we all got ready and later on in the morning we went and prayed that everything will go smooth today. Later on we took a long car ride back to our village where we built the houses. We went to the first house and prayed for about an hour and everyone in the first house said Yes! They had all accepted Jesus Christ into their heart. We went to all the houses that we built and prayed around them for about a hour. We also read bible verses and sang worship songs around the houses. In house four the younger kids were getting distracted. Everyone outside the house prayed for it to go smoothly. The people in house four did say yes and accepted Jesus Christ into their hearts. Overall, all the houses ended up accepting Jesus into their family and hearts! Later that day at about 3:30 we all got back and washed up and than had some free time. We played card games and went down to the orphanage during that time. Later on we sang some songs and also shared some God Sightings with everybody.



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