Day 4

After a late night of praising with the villagers (and fighting over who got to shower first,) waking up at 5:30 was pretty hard. Especially because our sleep schedules have been so easy this weekend! We had a quick hour to eat, get ready, and finish personal devotions before we were back in the vans and off to the village to get back to work on our houses.

Because the houses we were working on were at opposite ends of the village, it was Ron’s job to drive the half-mile to get his team to their work site. However, as he was turning the van around, he (politely) tried to slide to the edge of the road to make room for another oncoming van and ended up stuck in a ditch. Everyone in the van had to get out and carry all the tools down the side of the hill. After a couple minutes of trying to get the van back out, a bus that was headed in our direction offered a chain to get us back on track.

Once everyone had (finally) arrived to their respective work sites, it was time to put all of the finishing touches on our houses. First step was putting on a third layer of drywall and a painful amount of sanding. Second was to all come together and work on covering the outside of the houses with “stucco,” which is a sort of mud-like finish for the walls, intended to protect them from wearing down and to make the houses last longer. It was EXTREMELY messy, but I think everyone had fun getting their hands dirty together. After stucco, we took a break for lunch (a delicious home-cooked meal by the villagers of tostadas, avocado, tomato, chicken salad, rice, and LOTS of Pepsi!), and then we finally were able to get started on painting! Every team decorated their house differently, with rainbows and verses and such, and I think everyone’s turned out really really beautifully (even though my teams was clearly the best 😉 )

As of right now, everyone is relaxing on base after showers, dinner, and a heated game of capture the flag. I’m looking forward to our group devotions later tonight and (hopefully) a good night’s sleep! Updates to come on which house the families like the best..

– Caitlin VanBragt (with help from Ashley Zwyghuizen and Rachel Dieterman) (and kind of Ashlyn Ritsema even though all she really did was tell me my post was too long)



One thought on “Day 4”

  1. Thank you for sharing!

    It sounds like an awesome trip!

    Praying for you all this morning. Health, safety and harmony as you work as a team 😊

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