Day 3

Today we had been able to relax and wake up at 7-8, much like yesterday, and additionally to top the morning off we had enjoyed french toast for breakfast. We had also paralleled yesterday by going to another school to host a medical clinic for the nearby village, which was again a spectacular experience! Whilst people helped in the medical clinic -handing out medicine and such- others had been building connections with the people of Guatemala. We had connected by: painting nails and faces; necklace and bracelet making; continuous games, whether it be with a soccer ball, football, or volley ball; hopscotch and jumping roping; and simply being able to laugh together! Our team had especially been able to connect with the children the most.

The ending service included: our testimonials and singing; and the preachers message and prayers; had truly been heartfelt by the people, especially due to the deep and emotional testimonials. We had brought many people to Christ that night; more than half of the people who had attended the medical clinic. Not to mention the gifts that we had brought the people, all of which everyone had enjoyed and were very grateful for. Overall the medical clinics was a great experience of giving and getting closer to God.


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